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Michael Davidson (singer)

Michael Davidson (singer): “

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”’Michael Davidson”’ (born Michael Jay Davidson, [[31 December] [[1969]]) is an American [[singer]] and [[songwriter]].

== Career ==
Michael Davidson contributed to the [[Madonna (entertainer)|Madonna]] movie [[Who’s That Girl? (1987 film)|Who’s That Girl]] with the track ‘Turn it up’ in ([[1987]]) (produced by [[Stock Aitken Waterman]] and [[Phil Harding (producer)|Phil Harding]]) for [[Sire Records]], which became a huge dance hit in the worldwide charts. Unlike the movie, the soundtrack to [[Who’s That Girl? (1987 film)|Who’s That Girl]] became an big international success spending many weeks in the Top Ten Album Chart in the [[United States]], [[Europe]] and [[Asia]]. Released on July 21st, 1987 the album sold almost 5 million copies worldwide, of which 1 million in the US (Platinum).

== Discography ==
* Michael Davidson: ‘Turn it up’, 1987, [[12-inch single]]. [[Sire Records]].
Warner Music: 0-20671. Tracklist:
# Turn It Up (In Full Cry Mix)
# Turn It Up (Instrumental)
# Turn It Up (Dub Mix)
# Turn It Up (7′ Remix)
* Michael Davidson: ‘Warehouse’, 1989, [[12-inch single]]. [[Sire Records]].
Warner Music: 21288. Tracklist:
# Warehouse (Real Club Mix)
# Warehouse (Radio Mix)
# Warehouse (Groove Mix)
# Warehouse (Instrumental Mix)

== Links ==
* [ Michael Davidson – Fansite]

[[de:Michael Davidson]]

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