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Vikebladet Vestposten

Vikebladet Vestposten: “

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”’Vikebladet Vestposten”’ is the major local [[newspaper]] of [[Ulstein]] and [[Hareid]] in the northwestern [[Norway]].

”’Vikebladet Vestposten”’ is owned by [[Sunnmørsposten]], which again is owned by [[Edda Media]]. The newspaper originally was named Vikebladet. In 1989 however, Vikebladet bought Vestposten, thus becoming Vikebladet Vestposten AS.

The Newspaper is published three times per. week, and had a circulation of 4 628<ref>[] Medienorge</ref> in 2007. The editor of Vikebladet Vestposten is Asle Geir Johansen, while the manager is Heidi Myklebust.

”’Vikebladet Vestposten”’ is published in [[Nynorsk]].


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