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Vikebladet Vestposten

Vikebladet Vestposten: “ Pharmboy: cleanup ”’Vikebladet Vestposten”’ is the major local [[newspaper]] of [[Ulstein]] and [[Hareid]] in the northwestern [[Norway]]. ==Ownership== ”’Vikebladet Vestposten”’ is owned by [[Sunnmørsposten]], which again is owned by [[Edda Media]]. The newspaper originally was named Vikebladet. In 1989 however, Vikebladet bought Vestposten, thus becoming Vikebladet Vestposten AS. ==Circulation== The Newspaper is […]

Egil Iversen

Egil Iversen: “ Oceanh: [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ‘{{MedalTableTop}} {{MedalCountry| {{NOR}} }} {{MedalSport|Men’s [[Orienteering]]}} {{MedalCompetition|[[World Orienteering Championships|World Championships]]}} {{M…’ {{MedalTableTop}} {{MedalCountry| {{NOR}} }} {{MedalSport|Men’s [[Orienteering]]}} {{MedalCompetition|[[World Orienteering Championships|World Championships]]}} {{MedalBronze| 1985 [[Bendigo, Victoria|Bendigo]] | [[World Orienteering Championships| Individual]]}} {{MedalBottom}} ”’Egil Iversen”’ is a Norwegian [[orienteering]] competitor. He received a bronze medal in the ”individual” event at […]

Ove Kvavik

Ove Kvavik: ” Kiwibird: finally got down to writing this ”’Ove Kvavik”’ is a [[Norway|Norwegian]] [[Art|artist]] and professional [[Photography|photographer]], currently at the [[Trondheim Academy of Fine Art]]. He has been featured in ”’The Rest of Now”’ <ref>[]</ref>, a part of [[Manifesta#Manifesta_7.2C_Trentino-Alto_Adige.2C_Italy.2C_2008|Manifesta 7]]; and at [[Tegnebiennale|Tegnebiennale 2008]] <ref>[]</ref>, <ref>{{no icon}} [ Tegnebiennale article from Dagsavisen]</ref>, with […]

The Shirrows

The Shirrows: “ Theterribletwins1111: Via edit conflict {{db-band}} == The Shirrows == ””’The Shirrows””’ is a Norwegian rock group from Trondheim formed in 1962 by group members Tom Hovde, Stein Wangsmo, Geir Johansen and Kjell Myhre, though the latter was replaced by drummer Leif Raanes only a year after. Their first single ‘Jenny, Jenny’ was […]

Kim Roar Hansen

Kim Roar Hansen: “ AlwaysOnion: ”’Kim Roar Hansen”’ is an retired skijumper from [[norway]]. He is born [[1984]] in [[Drammen]], Norway. The best competition by him was when he ended at he 12th place in [[Trondheim]] [[2002]]. “ (Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

Loco (Annie Song)

Loco (Annie Song): “ Si105c: {{Infobox Song | Name = Loco | Cover = | Artist = [[Anne Lilia Berge Strand|Annie]] | Album = [[Don’t Stop (Annie album)|Don’t Stop]] | B-side = | Released = | Format = | Recorded = 2008 | Genre = | Length = 3:12 | Label = [[Island Records|Island]] | […]

Granfoss Tunnel

Granfoss Tunnel: “ Meco: [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ‘The ”’Granfoss Tunnel”’ are two tunnels on [[Ring 3 (Oslo)|Ring 3]] in [[Oslo]], [[Norway]]. The tunnels are 2.1 km long and they are part of the Granfoss Line, a…’ The ”’Granfoss Tunnel”’ are two tunnels on [[Ring 3 (Oslo)|Ring 3]] in [[Oslo]], [[Norway]]. The tunnels are 2.1 km […]

Johnny Johnny Come Home

Johnny Johnny Come Home: “ Europe22: typo {{Infobox Single <!– See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Songs –> | Name = Johnny, Johnny Come Home | Cover = Johnny_Johnny_come_home.jpg | Cover size = | Border = | Caption = | Artist = [[Avalanche (band)|Avalanche]] | Album = | A-side = | B-side = Dance mix | Released = 1989 | […]

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