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Graham Warren

Graham Warren: “ Waterden: New {{Infobox Speedway rider | image = [[Image:Replace this image male.svg|150px]] <!– Only freely-licensed images may be used to depict living people. See [[WP:NONFREE]]. –> | ridername= Graham Warren | nationality = {{flagicon|Australia}} Australia | dateofbirth = 1926 | dateofdeath = 2005 | cityofbirth = [[Suva]] | countryofbirth = [[Fiji]] | […]

The Split Second

The Split Second: “ Mollymoon: Added stub template The Split Second is the second [[book]] in the [[book series]] [[The Seems]]. It is written by [[John Hulme (author)|John Hulme]] and [[Michael Wexler]], and comes after [[The Glitch in Sleep]]. {{child-novel-stub}} “ (Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

The Bottle Factory Outing

The Bottle Factory Outing: “ TheRetroGuy: added stub ””’The Bottle Factory Outing””’ is a [[1974]] novel written by [[Beryl Bainbridge]], it was shortlisted for the [[Booker Prize]] that year. It concerns Freda and Brenda who by night share a dismal [[bedsit]], and by day work in an Italian-run wine-bottling factory. Freda hopes the works outing […]

Konstantin Kobetz

Konstantin Kobetz: “ Vidokov: ”’Konstantin Kobetz”’ ({{lang-ru|Па́вел Серге́евич Грачё́в}}) {{birth date and age|1939|7|16}} is a [[Russia]]n [[General of the Army (Russia)|Army General]] and the former [[Defence Minister of the Russian Federation]]. {{start box}} {{succession box | before = [[Yevgeny Shaposhnikov]] <br><small> as Minister of Defence of Soviet Union and CIS</small> | title = [[Defence Minister […]

Mount Crean

Mount Crean: “ Brianboulton: Open article ”’Mount Crean”’ is one of the westernmost peaks in the [[McMurdo Dry Valleys|dry valley]] region of South [[Victoria Land]], in Antarctica. It lies at 77°53’S, 159°30’E, rises to {{convert|8630|ft|m|}}, and is the highest summit in the Lashly Mountains. It is named after the Irish explorer [[Tom Crean]], who was […]


Bulbasket: “ 58apr18: {{context}} SAS Operation Bulbasket Ill-fated operation by B Squadron,1st SAS Regt behind enemy lines in occupied France, June-August 1944. Operation commander – Captain John Tonkin. 35 SAS troopers (from total of 55) and one USAAF pilot (Lt Lincoln Bundy)captured and executed. Graves of 32 are located in the village cemetery of Rom, […]

CAST Application Intelligence Platform

CAST Application Intelligence Platform: “ Sappidi: /* External links */ CAST AIP is an enterprise-grade software quality assessment and performance measurement solution from CAST Software. The AIP solution inspects the source code, identifies and tracks quality issues, and provides the data to monitor development performance. CAST can read, analyze and semantically understand most kinds of […]

Piling Bay

Piling Bay: “ Rosiestep: [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ‘{{Coord|68|52|60|N|74|30|0|W|type:landmark|display=title}} ”’Piling Bay”'<ref>{{cite web |url=….’ {{Coord|68|52|60|N|74|30|0|W|type:landmark|display=title}} ”’Piling Bay”'<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Piling Bay, Canada |accessdate=2008-10-01 |}}</ref> is a [[waterway]] on the western coast of central [[Baffin Island]] in [[Nunavut]], [[Canada]]. An arm of the [[Foxe Basin]], it contains many small, un-named islands. [[Foley Island]] and [[North Tweedsmuir Island]] lie […]

Roy LoPresti

Roy LoPresti: “ Maury Markowitz: ”’LeRoy Patrick ‘Roy’ LoPresti”’ (b. June 9, 1929, d. August 7, 2002) was an America [[aeronautical engineer]] best known for his work in the [[general aviation]] field. He designed the [[Grumman Tiger]] and [[Grumman Cheetah|Cheetah]] aircraft, was Chief Engineer and Vice President of Engineering at [[Mooney]] where he designed the […]

Orlando Colon

Orlando Colon: “ LordYafet: Orlando Colón (born in March 24th,1982) is a professional wrestler who wrestles in the [[World Wrestling Council]] in [[Puerto Rico]].He also work with Hybrid Pro Wrestling a independent circuit in Schoolcraft, [[Michigan]]. Orlando made his debut in wrestling in 2006 under the name of Fire Blaze (masked).Fire Blaze loss his mask […]

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