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{{dated prod|concern = No [[WP:RS|third-party sources]].|month = October|day = 1|year = 2008|time = 22:34|timestamp = 20081001223407}}
<!– Do not use the ‘dated prod’ template directly; the above line is generated by ‘subst:prod|reason’ –> is a website launched in early 2008 by internet entrepreneur Andy Groff. It uses a web based application that enables users to make, upload, download, and use decks of digital [[flash cards]]. is geared toward students of all ages who use the site for memorization in preparation for tests. The site’s unofficial slogan is ‘Remember stuff. Pass Tests. Party.’. It is currently one of the fastest growing educational sites on the internet <ref> [] </ref>.
Image:rememberstuff.netsplash.png| The welcome splash of Clicking on the image links to the home page.
Image:rememberstuff.nethome.png|The home page of (while not logged in)

Source: []

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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