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”’Wuaala”’ is a video sharing service that helps content producers to create and deliver Internet TV channels as well as monetize their content with ad revenues. Wuaala provides different distribution and monetization solutions for all kind of content producers, from video bloggers to professional media corporations. Wuaala provides video producers with a totally configurable player, free video hosting, video management interface, support for a variety of formats, distribution using technologies like [[RSS]], video statistics, connection interfaces with [[Content management system]], etc.
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== History ==

Wuaala was founded in Dec 2007 by [[Sony G Garcia]] (CEO) and [[Ivan Daunis]] (CTO) both members of Sausage Labs<ref>Company Information on TradeVibes,</ref>

=== Features of the platform ===

Wuaala has very unique features that differenciate from the rest of video sharing services:
* Introduces the concept of ‘Borrowing Media’, the Wuaala player can make playlists mixing videos from different video sharing services like [[YouTube]], [[Myspace]], [[Hulu]], [[Vimeo]], [[UStream]] and others. <ref>AVPlayer Page,</ref>
* Supports Embed Advertising technology: the advertising addresser or campaign information is written in the video in form of Metadata and its decoded by the player. Ensuring advertising on all player embeds and viral syndication.
* Fully customizable video player

The Wuaala video platform is a [[white label]] [video hosting] platform. Wuaala provides all software, hardware and bandwidth necessary to operate an internet TV channel.
Videos are converted to [[Flash Video]] format and the platform is provided with a branded [[Flash Video Player]].

=== Player Customization ===

Colors and appearance can be customized thru its console, that it seems to be a [[Rich Internet application]]

=== Downloading videos ===

Wuaala is an open platform. It offers direct download links for all videos it hosts, including videos that it has transcoded (i.e. Flash videos).

=== Uploading and video formats ===

Uploads may be made via a Web interface, FTP and a client-side batch uploader (available only for [[Microsoft Windows|Windows]]).
Uploads can be images or video files in formats including [[Quicktime]], [[MPEG]], [[3gp]], [[DivX]], [[Real Media]], [[WMV]] or [[Ogg]].

=== Distribution ===

Videos are available for viewing immediately after uploading. Wuaala offers copy and paste HTML for placing videos on any Web sites, a feature it calls ‘cross-posting’ to automatically syndicate videos to other Web sites, and [[RSS]] feeds for the syndication of user videos to aggregators.
Videos uploaded to Wuaala can be automatically syndicated to [[AOL Video]], [[MSN Video]] and [[]], [[Dabble]], [[Mefeedia]], [[FireANT]], [[iTunes]] and other platforms.

==== Publishing ====

Thru its console users can build their own video players and playlists, using videos from other sharing sites or from the videos they uploaded.
The console generates the HTML code that can be copy and pasted into any Web site, including blogging systems.

==== RSS and web feeds ====

Wuaala offers every user RSS feeds of their videos. The RSS feeds include enclosures to allow software programs like [[iTunes]] to automatically download and play the videos.

=== Advertising ===

Wuaala can integrate with the most of the ad networks such as Open AdStream 24/7 Real Media, Double-Click or BrightRoll.
All revenue from advertising belongs to the video producers. The producers can opt in and out of advertisements at any time.


== External links==
*[ Wuaala Site]

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