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Clicks4Charity is a blog styled charity fund raising website.Our aim is to create awareness on charitable issues,enlighten people on ‘free donation ‘ through their clicks and to encourage the philanthropic spirit in them.We at C4C have found out that most people have little or no idea that with their daily web surfing they can put bowls of rice,cups of clean water and provide a good education for an impoverished child by clicking on various links on the pages of charitable websites.Its no new story that with about 10 or more clicks a day from an individual a child is educated,a child is saved from starving the fight against HIV is strengthened and a new generation springs up.C4C acts as a link between the large charity organizations,the everyday individual who loves web surfing and also the impoverished children .We also want to let you know that for every search,every clicks ,every purchase or every donation you make put a smile on a child and so you put a smile on the world.So please bookmark C4C.So that the next time you browse you put a meal on a kids stomach and make the world smile.So why not make your daily web surfing charitable and guess what it cost nothing .We are also on facebook ,myspace and
visit them at[[Image:[[Image:Example.jpg]][[Image:[[Image:Example.jpg]]]]]]

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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