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“pomona envisions the future” mural

“pomona envisions the future” mural: “ LouisBrownstone: [[Image:Goddessofpomonafull.jpg|right|’Pomona Envisions the Future’ mural, 2008]]The ‘Pomona Envisions the Future’ mural was created by a community based project named ‘Envisioning the Future’ that took place in the Pomona Arts Colony from 2002 to 2004. The mural is 140′ x 42′ acrylic on prepared concrete substrate. It was facilitated […]

Ove Kvavik

Ove Kvavik: ” Kiwibird: finally got down to writing this ”’Ove Kvavik”’ is a [[Norway|Norwegian]] [[Art|artist]] and professional [[Photography|photographer]], currently at the [[Trondheim Academy of Fine Art]]. He has been featured in ”’The Rest of Now”’ <ref>[]</ref>, a part of [[Manifesta#Manifesta_7.2C_Trentino-Alto_Adige.2C_Italy.2C_2008|Manifesta 7]]; and at [[Tegnebiennale|Tegnebiennale 2008]] <ref>[]</ref>, <ref>{{no icon}} [ Tegnebiennale article from Dagsavisen]</ref>, with […]

Virgin of Mercy

Virgin of Mercy: “ Johnbod: add [[Image:Sano di Pietro. Madonna of Mercy.1440s Private coll..jpg|thumb|[[Sano di Pietro]], 15th century; the Virgin shelters a group of nuns]] The ”’Virgin of Mercy”’ is a subject in [[Christian art]], showing a group of people sheltering under the outspread cloak of [[Mary (mother of Jesus)|the Virgin Mary]]. It was especially […]

Ernesto Rios

Ernesto Rios: “ Sofialopezlanz: [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ””Ernesto Rios”’ (Born in October 8, 1975 in [[Cuernavaca]] Mexico) is a Mexican [[new media artist]] and academic based in [[New York City]]. Ríos has been wo…’ ”’Ernesto Rios”’ (Born in October 8, 1975 in [[Cuernavaca]] Mexico) is a Mexican [[new media artist]] and academic based in [[New […]

2008 Turner Prize

2008 Turner Prize: “ Bodnotbod: interim save 2. Still lots to be done, please not to interrupt me, thank you. {{in use}} This article is about the 2008 [[Turner Prize]] for art. There are four nominees for the prize: * [[Runa Islam]] ** Bangladesh born, aged 37 [1], trained both at the [[Rijksakademie]] in [[Amsterdam]] […]

Yong Mun Sen

Yong Mun Sen: “ Soccer174: Yong Mun Sen (b.1896 – 1962). Born Yong Yen Lang in Kuching, Sarawak. He changed his name to Yong Mun Sen in 1922. He is widely known as the Father of Malaysian Painting. ==External links== *[]Bibliography of Yong Mun Sen [[Category:Malaysians of Chinese descent]] “ (Via Wikipedia – New pages […]

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