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Syriac versions of the Bible

Syriac versions of the Bible: “ Leszek Jańczuk: m [[Image:SyriacBibleParisFolio8rrMosesBeforePharaoh.jpg|thumb|right|220px|”The Syriac Bible of Paris”, Moses before pharao]] Syria played an important or even predominate role in the beginning of christianity. Here was written [[Gospel of Matthew]], [[Gospel of Luke]], [[Didache]], Ignatiana, [[Gospel of Thomas]]. Syria was the country in which intersected Greek language with Syriac. […]

Minuscule 14

Minuscule 14: “ Leszek Jańczuk: small expansion {{New Testament manuscript infobox |form=Minuscule |number=”’14”’ |image= |isize= |caption= |name= |sign= |text= [[Gospel]]s † |script= [[Greek language|Greek]] |date= 964 |found= |now at= [[National Library of France]] |cite= |size= 17.6 by 19.2 cm |type= [[Byzantine text-type]] |cat= |hand= |note= }} ”’Minuscule 14”’ (Gregory-Aland). It is a Greek [[Lower case|minuscule]] […]

Westbrook Church

Westbrook Church: “ Manutdglory: {{Infobox church | name = Westbrook Church | fullname = | color = | image = Westbrook.gif|thumb | imagesize = | caption = | landscape = | denomination = Non-Denominational, Evangelical Christian | diocese = | parish = | division = | subdivision = | founded_date = 1983 | founder = […]

Henry Mackenzie (bishop)

Henry Mackenzie (bishop): “ Bashereyre: [[Category:Archdeacons of Nottingham]] {{Anglican Portal}}The Rt Rev ”’Henry Mackenzie”’ (b [[16 May]] [[1808]] – d 15 October [[1878]]) was [[Anglican Bishop of Nottingham|Bishop Suffragan of Nottingham]] from 1870 until 1877<ref>”Consecration of the Bishop Suffragan Of Nottingham ” [[The Times]] Thursday, Feb 03, 1870; pg. 8; Issue 26664; col A</ref>. Educated […]

Virgin of Mercy

Virgin of Mercy: “ Johnbod: add [[Image:Sano di Pietro. Madonna of Mercy.1440s Private coll..jpg|thumb|[[Sano di Pietro]], 15th century; the Virgin shelters a group of nuns]] The ”’Virgin of Mercy”’ is a subject in [[Christian art]], showing a group of people sheltering under the outspread cloak of [[Mary (mother of Jesus)|the Virgin Mary]]. It was especially […]

Marie-Azélie Guérin Martin

Marie-Azélie Guérin Martin: “ Organic Cabbage: {{Infobox Saint |name=Blessed Marie-Azélie Guérin Martin |birth_date=[[23 December]] [[1831]] |death_date=[[28 August]] [[1877]] |feast_day= |venerated_in=[[Roman Catholic Church]] |image= |imagesize= |caption= |birth_place=[[Saint-Denis-sur-Sarthon]], [[Orne]], [[France]] |death_place=[[Alençon]], [[Orne]], [[France]] |titles= |beatified_date=[[19 October]] [[2008]] |beatified_place=[[Lisieux Cathedral]] |beatified_by=[[Pope Benedict XVI]] |canonized_date= |canonized_place= |canonized_by= |attributes= |patronage= |major_shrine= |suppressed_date= |issues= }} ”’Blessed Marie-Azélie Guérin Martin [[married and […]

Holy Trinity, Minories

Holy Trinity, Minories: “ Bashereyre: [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ‘{{Anglican Portal}}Holy Trinity Minories was a church within the boundaries of the [[City of London]] until the very last years of its existence when the land immed…’ {{Anglican Portal}}Holy Trinity Minories was a church within the boundaries of the [[City of London]] until the very last years […]

National Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

National Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: “ Ecoleetage: /* The shrine complex */ c/e ”’The National Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton”’ in [[Emmitsburg, Maryland]], is a U.S. religious site and educational center that pays tribute to the life and mission of [[Elizabeth Ann Seton]] (August 28, 1774 – January 4, 1821), the first […]

Henrik Perret

Henrik Perret: “ Soderfeldt: Carl ”’Henrik”’ Louis ”’Perret”’, Finnish [[theologian]] and provost (born 1946), who since 2006 is the general secretary of the Finnish Theological Institute. Before this Perret has served as vicar in [[Helsinki]] and as president of [[Medi-Heli]]. In the autumn of 2006 Perret was runner-up in the election for [[bishop]] in the […]

John Frank Ewan Bone

John Frank Ewan Bone: “ Bashereyre: sp {{Anglican Portal}}”’John Frank Ewan Bone”’ was the [[Bishop of Reading]] from 1989 until 1996<ref>’Debrett’s People of Today 1992’ (London, [[Debrett’s]]) ISBN 1870520092)</ref>. He was born on [[23 August]] [[1930]] <ref>’[[Who’s Who]] 1992 ‘(London, [[A & C Black]] ISBN 0713635142)</ref> and educated at [[Monkton Combe School]] and [[St Peter’s […]

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