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Ove Kvavik

Ove Kvavik: ”

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”’Ove Kvavik”’ is a [[Norway|Norwegian]] [[Art|artist]] and professional [[Photography|photographer]], currently at the [[Trondheim Academy of Fine Art]].

He has been featured in ”’The Rest of Now”’ <ref>[]</ref>, a part of [[Manifesta#Manifesta_7.2C_Trentino-Alto_Adige.2C_Italy.2C_2008|Manifesta 7]]; and at [[Tegnebiennale|Tegnebiennale 2008]] <ref>[]</ref>, <ref>{{no icon}} [ Tegnebiennale article from Dagsavisen]</ref>, with the work ”Erasing Institution” showing the facade of the place of the exhibition as a pencil drawing, which visitors were then invited to erase.


==External links==
* [ Official site of Ove Kvavik]


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