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Aleksandar Prokopiev

Aleksandar Prokopiev: “

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”’Aleksandar Prokopiev”’ (in [[Macedonian language]]: Александар Прокопиев) born on [[February 24]], [[1953]] in [[Skopje]] is a [[Ph.D.]] in [[comparative literature]] and [[literary theory]] working in the Insitute of Macedonian Literature at the [[Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje]], the [[Republic of Macedonia]].<ref name=’bio’>[ Institute of Macedonian Literature – Human resources] {{en icon}}</ref> He is also notable as a [[writer]], [[essayist]] and a former member of the eminent [[Yugoslav rock]] band [[Idoli]].<ref name=’interview’>[ Interview]- ”[[Danas]]”, Weekend edition, [[May]] 3 and 4, [[2003]], [[Belgrade]], [[Serbia and Montenegro]] {{sr icon}}</ref><ref name=’eurozine’>[ Authors]- [[Eurozine]], [[Wien]], [[Austria]] {{en icon}}</ref><ref name=’pen’>[ Member’s biography]- Macedonian [[International PEN|PEN]] Centre {{mk icon}}</ref>

Aleksandar Prokopiev was born in 1953 in [[Skopje]], then a capital of the [[People’s Republic of Macedonia]], a [[constituent country]] of the former [[Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia]]. He [[graduated]] in [[1977]] at the [[Faculty]] of [[Philology]], [[University of Belgrade]], General and Comparative literature department, and finished [[postgraduate education]] in [[1982]] also in [[Belgrade]] and in [[Sorbonne]], [[France]].

Prokopiev is an author of several [[books]] including (titles translated in [[English language]]): ”The Young Master of the Game” ([[short stories]], [[1983]]), ”…or…” (short stories, [[1986]]), ”Sailing South” (short stories, [[1986]]), ”A Sermon on the Snake” (stories, [[1992]]), ”Was Callimachus a Post-Modernist?” (essays, 1994), ”Fairytale on the road” ([[essays]], [[1996]]), ”Let’s make a movie together” ([[children literature]], [[1997]]), ”Ars amater-ia” (stories, [[1998]]), ”Image which rolls” ([[haiku]], 1998), ”Anti-instructions for personal use” ([[poetry]], [[2000]]), ”Postmodern Babylon” (essays, [[2000]]), ”The Man With Four Watches” ([[2003]]) and others. He also worked in several domestic and foreign magazines, for example as a member of the [[editorial board]] of ”Orient Express” ([[Oxford]], [[UK]]) and ”World Haiku” ([[Kyoto]], [[Japan]]). He wrote [[screenplay]]s for [[film]], [[theatre]], [[tv shows]], [[radio drama]]s and [[comic books]]. His works were translated in English, [[french language|French]], [[italian language|Italian]], [[Japanese language|Japanese]], [[Russian language|Russian]], [[polish language|Polish]], [[hungarian language|Hungarian]], [[Czech language|Czech]], [[slovak language|Slovak]] and other languages.

Aleksandar Prokopiev was also an active [[musician]]. While studying in Belgrade he played with the [[Yugoslav rock]] bands Zlatni Dečaci and [[Idoli]], the latter being an eminent act of the former [[Yugoslav New Wave]] scene. It is claimed that he wrote the famous [[gay]]-themed Idoli’s song ”[[Retko te viđam sa devojkama]]”,<ref name=’interview’>[ Interview]- ”[[Danas]]”, Weekend edition, [[May]] 3 and 4, [[2003]], [[Belgrade]], [[Serbia and Montenegro]] {{sr icon}}</ref> however he is not credited on the record itself ([[Vlada Divljan]] is credited as the author instead).<ref>[]- single’s [[liner notes]] at [[Discogs]]</ref> In Macedonia, Prokopiev was a member of the notable band Usta na Usta which was active during the [[1980s]]. Its recordings were released by the music production branch of the national [[Macedonian Radio-Television]].


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