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Gustavo verdesio

Gustavo verdesio: “ Conquistador2k6: {{db-bio}} {{hangon}} {{advert|date=October 2008}} {{unreferenced|date=October 2008}} {{wikify|date=October 2008}} Gustavo Verdesio is one of the premiere Romance Language and American Culture professors at the University of Michigan. Originally from Montevideo, Uruguay, he brings a wealth of information from the Cono Sur (Southern Cone of South America). He received his Ph.D from Northwestern […]

Tom applegate

Tom applegate: “ Paulgold: ”’Dr. Tom Applegate”’ An eminent researcher in the field of Time & Motion Studies. Educated in the UK in the field of Pure Mathematics, Tom has written numerous articles and has been a lead player in the theory of pre-emptive time measurement for business. ‘Pre-Emptive Time Measurement is a key attribute […]

José Amador de los Ríos

José Amador de los Ríos: “ Srnec: In 1852 he published the complete works of [[Íñigo López de Mendoza]]. ”’José Amador de los Ríos”’ (1818–1878) was a [[Spain|Spanish]] intellectual, primarily a historian and archaeologist of [[Art history|art]] and [[Literary history|literature]]. He was a graduate in history of the [[Complutense University of Madrid]]. In 1844 he […]

Rafael Menjívar Larín

Rafael Menjívar Larín: “ Blofeld of SPECTRE: {{inuse}} [[Image:Salvador Cayetano Carpio Yugoslavia.jpg|320px|right|thumbnail|Larín (in the light-colored coat in the centre) attending the funeral of [[Yugoslavia|Yugoslav]] politician [[Josip Broz]] ‘ Tito’ in [[Belgrade]] in 1982.[[Salvador Cayetano Carpio]] places a floral offering at his grave in the foreground.]] ”’Rafael Menjívar Larín”’ ([[January 3]] [[1935]] – [[August 7]] [[2000]]) […]

Aleksandar Prokopiev

Aleksandar Prokopiev: “ Dzole: /* Biography */ ”’Aleksandar Prokopiev”’ (in [[Macedonian language]]: Александар Прокопиев) born on [[February 24]], [[1953]] in [[Skopje]] is a [[Ph.D.]] in [[comparative literature]] and [[literary theory]] working in the Insitute of Macedonian Literature at the [[Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje]], the [[Republic of Macedonia]].<ref name=’bio’>[ Institute of Macedonian Literature […]

William Robert Wunsch

William Robert Wunsch: “ Realkyhick: Requesting speedy deletion ([[WP:CSD#A1|CSD A1]]). using [[WP:TWINKLE|TW]] {{db-nocontext}} William R. Wunsch began his tenure with Black Mountain College during the spring term of 1934-1935. He was subsequently elevated to Associate Professor and Assistant Professor. He was made Acting Rector in the spring of 1938. Mr. Wunsch became Rector of BMC […]

Vicente L. Rafael

Vicente L. Rafael: ” Excirial: Added {{[[Template:uncategorized|uncategorized]]}}, {{[[Template:unreferenced|unreferenced]]}} and {{[[Template:wikify|wikify]]}} tags to article. using [[WP:FRIENDLY|Friendly]] {{unreferenced|date=October 2008}} {{wikify|date=October 2008}} Vicente L. Rafael is a professor of history at the University of Washington in Seattle. His research and teaching interests include Southeast Asia (especially the Philippines), comparative colonialism (especially Spain and the United States), and comparative […]

Meaghan Morris

Meaghan Morris: “ JohnCD: db-copyvio {{db-copyvio|url=}} {{cleanup|date=October 2008}} {{unreferenced|date=October 2008}} {{peacock|date= October 2008}} {{wikify|date=October 2008}} [POTENTIALLY INFRINGING MATERIAL DELETED] (Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

Tom Gunning

Tom Gunning: “ Excirial: Added {{[[Template:uncategorized|uncategorized]]}} and {{[[Template:wikify|wikify]]}} tags to article. using [[WP:FRIENDLY|Friendly]] {{wikify|date=October 2008}} [CUT POTENTIALLY INFRINGING MATERIAL] (Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

Benjamin Lee (academic)

Benjamin Lee (academic): “ Rbanzai: Added ‘wikify’ tag {{wikify}} ”’Benjamin Lee”’ is a professor of anthropology and philosophy at the New School for Social Research. Lee has broad expertise in contemporary China, the cultural dimensions of globalization, and modern theories of language. He also serves as a member of the Editorial Collective of the journal […]

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