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Kerbonn: “


”’Kerbonn”’ is a village in the commune of [[Camaret-sur-Mer]] in France, between the [[pointe de Pen-Hir]] and the [[pointe du Toulinguet]], on the [[Crozon]] peninsula. As well as its fortifications, the site also houses the ruins of the manor of Coecilian.

==Kerbonn batteries==

Les ouvrages sont :<ref name=mil>{{DionBrest}}</ref>
* Batterie de mortiers (1890)
* Magasin sous roc
* Batterie française (1932)
* Batterie allemande (1941)

Kerbonn’s many fortifications form part of the defences of the [[goulet de Brest]]. The first fortification on the site is a [[mortar (weapon)|mortar]] battery dating to 1889-1891, with its underground magazine. The Fort de Kerbonn is a side battery, designed to fire on ships in the [[roadstead of Brest]]. Another French battery was built in 1932, and between 1942 and 1944 the Germans built four [[casemate]]s on the site to house French 164mm guns, 6 air-raid shelters, one fire-direction post and three anti-aircraft-gun positions.<ref>
{{cite web
|title=Patrimoine architectural et mobilier en Bretagne / Inventaire général du patrimoine culturel
|publisher=Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles de Bretagne
}}</ref> One of these German casemates now houses a memorial to the [[battle of the Atlantic]].

== Notes ==

==External links==
* [ Position de Kerbonn] (inventaire général)
* [ Batteries of Kerbonn] (photos)
* [ Manor of Coecilian] (photos)


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