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Virtaal: “

Dwaynebailey: [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ‘{{Infobox_Software | name = Virtaal | developer = [[]] | latest_release_version = 0.2 | latest_release_date = {{release_date|2008|10|01}} |…’

{{Infobox_Software |
name = Virtaal |
developer = [[]] |
latest_release_version = 0.2 |
latest_release_date = {{release_date|2008|10|01}} |
operating_system = [[Cross-platform]] |
genre = [[Computer-assisted translation]] |
license = [[GNU General Public License|GPL]] |
website = [] |

”’Virtaal”’ is a [[computer-assisted translation]] tool written in the [[Python (programming language)|Python programming language]]. It is [[free software]] developed and maintained by [[]].

Virtaal is built using the [[Translate Toolkit]] allowing it to process a number of translation and localisation formats.

== Design Philosophy ==

The key principles behind the design of Virtaal are the optimisation of the interface for the localiser. This includes ensuring that all functionality is keyboard accessible and that needed information is always optimally displayed.

== History ==

Work on Virtaal began in 2007 with an initial 0.1 release made to a small number of open source localisers. Version 0.2, released in October 2008, became the first official release.

== Name ==

The name Virtaal is a play on words. In Afrikaans, an official language of South Africa where is located, the expression ‘vir taal’ means ‘for language’. While the word ‘vertaal’ means ‘translate’. The Virtaal logo includes the expression ‘for language’ leading to recursive statement ‘virtaal is for language’.

== Supported source document formats ==

Virtaal works directly with any of the bilingual (containing both source and target langauge) files understood by the [[Translate Toolkit]]. This would include [[XLIFF]], [[Gettext]] PO and MO, various [[Qt]] files (.qm, .ts, .qph), [[Wordfast]] translation memory, [[TBX]] and [[TMX]]

== Features ==

* Simple single view interface
* Searching
* Modes – translate incomplete items or the whole file

== See also ==

* [[Computer-assisted translation|Computer-assisted Translation]]

== External links ==
* [ Virtaal home] – Official Virtaal web site
* [ Localisation of Virtaal]
* {{Ohloh project|id=virtaal}}
* IRC [irc:// developer channel] on freenode


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