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Jono faulds

Jono faulds: “


”’Jonathan Faulds”’ commonly known as Fauldsiani and Jono (born September 16th 1992)is a well known person in his area for working as a social networking creator [ link title]

{{Infobox Musical artist
|Name = Jono Faulds
|Img =
|Img_capt =
|Img_size = 187
|Birth_name = Jonathan George Faulds
|Born = {{Birth date and age|1992|9|16}}
|Origin = {{flagicon|Italy}}
|birthplace = [[Reading]] [[United Kingdom]]
|Occupation = [[Social Network Creator]] [[Computer fixer]]
|Years_active = [[2008]]–Present
|height = {{height|m=1.73}}

== Mini Biography ==

[[Jonathan]] was born in Royal Berkshire Hospital [[Reading]] to a [[English]] mother and a [[Italian]] father. He is a mix of Italian/English descent.

His Father works as a contractor for the [[Prudential]] and his mother works as a University assistant.
Jonathan resides his hometown to where his father is from [[Rome]].

He is a [[A.S. Roma]] supporter.
He has a younger sister called Laura, or commonly known as Lara.
He has a act for liking Music before his time, listening to such music [[Tears For Fears]],[[Foreigner]],[[Simple Minds]] and many other 80’s bands.

== Quote ==

Quote from a friend:

He loves [[Jess]] very much 🙂

== Computing Career ==

Since [[August]] 2008, he has created his own site which is a [[Website]] which allows you to connect with your friends and create a page. Although it is not well known, yet it is however making progress. He also on a side hobby fixes computers.

The site offers you to upload videos through [[Youtube]] by simply copy and pasting the urls across. Also it offers you to build your own applications through [[Facebook]] which can allow you to use it on [[Facebook]] and [[Faulds Networking]].
The site is simply to connect you with your friends, upload photos using a [[java]] script and uploading music through your personal [[music player]]. The site also allows you to move modules around your own page, create skins, use skins, comment on blogs, and make your profile private.


(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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