Getting started

Housing Information

Apartments are available for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from BGSU residence life as well as outside campus. Check residence life web site here

Official paper work and Signatures

Meet Ms. Sally A Pietrasz at the Center for photochemical sciences office and Ms. Tienna Smith  in the in the chemistry department office to fill in all the required paper work.

Please email them in advance. Their email address linked to the name above. Click them to access

BGSU ID and Lab Keys 

Once you fill up the require paper work in with Center and in the chemistry office, you would be provided with the paperwork you also have to visit  Visit student services at the student union for taking your Photo for the ID. With your photo ID and the paperwork you will obtain from Ms. Rood, you can get the required keys for lab access from Campus Operations.

E-mail account

Visit ITS website to get email ID.

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