Equipment and instrumentation

Analytical and optics lab - Sivagroup 5th floor
HPLC - preparative (Waters) with QDMS and UV-Vis detection
Autoinjector for preparative HPLC (Waters)
Nitrogen Generator for HPLC
Analytical HPLC (Dioinex/Thermo)
Analytical HPLC (Dionnex/Tbermo)
UV-Vis spectrometer (can perform solids/liquids and thin films0
Emission spectrometer (Fluorescence/Phosphorescence/TCSPC)
Emission spectrometer (pulsed lamp for phosphorescence)
Emission spectrometer (Fluorescence/Phosphorescence/TCSPC)
Laser source for TCSPC
Laser source for TCSPC
Glove box
Fume hoods with variable temperature and flow irradiation setups
Laser Flash Photolysis with Streak camera
Laser Flash Photolysis - Laser source
Laser Flash Photolysis - Laser source and optics
Capability includes - Steady state and time resolved fluorescences, Phosphorescence. Samples can be solids, liquids or thin films.
Capability includes measuring absorbance of solids, liquids or thin films including specular reflectance.
Wavelengths - 254 nm, 300 nm, 360 nm, 420 nm. Temperature range: -78 oC to 120 oC
Temperature range: -78 oC to 120 oC
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