Without proper training you are not allowed to work in the lab. So make sure that you have proper training.

You must not work in the lab alone. Make sure that somebody is around just to help in case of emergency.

It is a must that you wear the lab coat, goggles, gloves and sneakers that cover your toes when you working in the lab. It is a must that you wear a good sneaker not just sandal so that your feet are covered. DO NOT GIVE ANY EXCUSES!!

Never take anything for granted when you are in the lab.

Always be careful and think twice before you act. If you not sure of how to proceed, ask the group members or Prof. Siva on how to proceed.

Use common sense.

Do not keep any food items in the lab or eat/drink in the lab.

Always work the reactions inside the hood, even if it is simple stirring or putting a micro column.

IF there is spillage of chemicals let everybody know. Do not try to hide it or clean it yourself.

Do not touch the chemicals without proper protection.

Make sure that you read and understand the MSDS for the chemical so that you are ready to handle any emergency. To seach MSDS database [-click here-]

Do not place chemicals, glasswares or sharps on the floor.

Do not place any chemicals or solvent unattended.

Always keep the chemicals closed. Close it tightly. Do just keep a lid on top of it or just cover it with aluminum foil.

Use proper eye protection when working with lamps/lasers.

Be extremely careful when handling instruments.

Cover your body properly. Use lab coat and gloves.

Make sure that you have water circulation on when you work with lamps that requires cooling.

Do not be afraid. Tell your lab members, Siva and proper authorities regarding the spillage and the nature of spillage to help cleanup of the spillage.

If you are hurt, make sure that you get proper medical treatment. Make sure you are aware of the location of the first-aid box, safety shower, eye shower etc. Getting proper first-aid is very crucial to minimize damage.

Call the saftey office (Mike Bhor) who is incharge. Telephone number: (701) 231-9535

Make sure that you are aware of the location of the fire extinguisher.

May chemicals are flammables. So take proper precautions.

Always understand the MSDS provided with the chemicals to take proper precautions.

Cylinders must be strapped in place properly to avoid any mishaps.

When moving cylinders, you must use a cart. NO EXPECTIONS!

Make sure that you are not wasting air, Nitrogen or argon. Close the corresponding valves.

If you are using the GC, make sure that you have turned off the Gas cylinders after use.

Keep your workspace clean and tidy.

When you are ready to leave the lab make sure you do not have any open chemicals on your bench top. Make sure that your place is tidy and clean when you leave.

Make sure that the hood is always closed.

Make sure that you are not wasting air, Nitrogen or argon. Close the corresponding valves.

Make sure that any stirrers / heaters are off if you not using it.

If you not using an oil bath make sure that the heating is off.

Always use proper protection when handling anything from the ovens or furnace. You might get badly burnt if you are not careful.

Place only glasswares in the oven. Make sure that the temperature is not very high.

Do not place any plastic inside. The common mistake is to place NMR caps or plastic clips or connectors or valves that come with Teflon. The plastic melts and gives noxious smell that makes everybody in the building uncomfortable.

In the furnace, keep only the appropriate stuff that need to be placed. Always use proper protection.

Make sure that you do not have any vacuum pumps running if they are not needed.

Change oil in the pump if it is an oil pump when necessary and dispose the oil waste appropriately.

Often times you need a change of the pump belt. Make sure that the pump belt is in proper condition. Unnecessary sounds might be the clue that you belt is getting worn out or misaligned.

Often times, the flooding in the lab is due to careless ness in not closing or maintaining the faucets.

:et David Tackie in the chemstores know about the leakage.

Make sure that you are using proper water circulation when needed. If you are done using water circulation (say for the rotovap) CLOSE it immediately. You are not only wasting water but also brewing a potential disaster.

Similarly make sure that you switch off heating of the water bath if have used it. Else it might cause a potential hazard.

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