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Lab notebook

See Siva for your lab notebook.

Group Resource Access

Get your BGSU ID and password for accessing the group resources. Use the same login and password for sivagroup website access.


It is advisable that you get your own laptop. But in case you prefer to have a group computer let Siva know. Let Siva know if you prefer a Mac or a PC.


Make sure you install all the software that are available. Many of the software are available through BGSU ITS

Typically you need, MS- office, ChemDraw, Igor, Mestrec NOVA, Scifinder, Mercury, Crystal Maker, origin, endnote.

Data Backup

It is important that you back up the data to prevent data loss due to computer crash, virus etc… All of your data (The folder you assign as important for backup) should be backed up automatically each day. You should also back up all your data from instruments (eg. NMR, HPLC, MASS sep etc.). Talk to senior group members on how to set it up for your device.

Group login and password

You need to use your BGSU login and password for the group server so that you can connect to all the group database.


You have to upload both research and literature presentations (both in PDF and doc format) in the group server in PSLB 412. It also houses all the back up previous group members. It is important that you do the presentation in a  professional way. Print your research presentations only [duplex and two slides per page format] and and place them in binders with your name in the lab.

Print your presentations and place them in binders in the lab.


Each person in the group has a collection of literature on certain topics that are stored in labeled binders. Make sure that you place the electronic copy (PDF file) in the literature database. If you have endnote files place them in the endnote library.


Be sure to label your notebooks and other important items with your name and any other appropriate information. Use the group label maker.

Labeling the files and folders in the following way

While sending files and folders to siva follow the naming convention below.

[Use date format: ddMMMyyyy]

Folders: shortname_date_description
example: siva_01Feb2006_CDproject

Note the date formart “ddMMMYYYY” 

Individual files: shortname_filedescription_date
example: siva_23Mar2007_RRV

Files for articles/papers you are writing: shortname_journal_date_version
example: siva_JACS_21Mar2015_v1 or siva_JACS_12Feb2016_proof

Journal files: journalname_year_vol_page_keyword
example: JACS_2014_136_8729_atropselective-malemides.pdf

Journal abbreviation [Click here for link]
use commonsense for labeling the paper description.

Personal Web site

If you are interested in making your own website use WordPress and link your homepage to the your member page in the group. It is recommended at least put up your CV.

Compound Characterization Data sheet All the compunds you have synthesized must be characterized completely. Download the word file (Click here) and enter all the relevant data pertaining to your compound.


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