Get Your Research Started


Make a list of the glassware you need, and then check the general glassware cabinets to see if what you need is there. Check in the drawers of the bench that you have inherited to see if the glassware will satisfy your need. If you still need glassware and want to place an order, ask Siva first to get his approval and then place the order.


All the chemicals in the lab are barcoded.Look up the Group Inventory of Chemicals on filmmaker database to see if the chemical you need is already in the lab. Also, check the general chemical storage that holds all of the Group chemicals. All the chemicals are alphabetically arranged. Make sure you do not alter the arrangement while searching. There are many Inorganics around the labs (i.e. hydroxides, sulfates, carbonates, etc.), so have a look around before you purchase these.

Most importantly

If you take the chemail out for use then put it back in the same location.

If you empty the chemical, before disposing the bottle properly, make sure that you remove the chemical in the database using the barcode scanner and then remove the barcode from the chemical bottle.

Ordering chemicals

Once you are sure that the chemical you need is not in the lab or with the lab members, first ask Siva about ordering the chemicals. Once he gives the permission to order, first enter the chemical order form in the group web site via the group resource. The person in charge for the month will order the chemicals for you. Once you receive the chemicals enter them in the web site.


Each Group instrument is labeled with the person in charge of that instrument. Make sure you see the person labeled to get trained before using it.


Look in the safety link in the Info menu [-click here for Link]

Project continuation

If you are continuing work on a project that has already been done by a former group member, YOUR FIRST REFERENCE SOURCE SHOULD BE THEIR GROUP MEETING PRESENTATIONS AND Notebooks. This will give you a general idea about their progress and some of the problems they encountered before getting into the finer details of their lab notebooks. Also, the dates of their RRVs and presentations will narrow down your lab notebook search.

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