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Sine, Kurdistan

Sine, Kurdistan: ” Lavien: Sine is a city in eastern Kurdistan which has 850.000 habitants.<br /> The majority of the population is kurdish and speaks Siney which is<br />a specific kind of the kurdish dialect Sorani.<br /> Name<br /> The name ”Sine” isnĀ“t so familiar like the persian name ”Sanandadsch” or ”Sennah”.<br /> It will […]

Soundbooth CS4

Soundbooth CS4: ” Ivanflr: /* Sound Booth CS 4 (Beta) */ == Sound Booth CS 4 (Beta) == The topic that I have decided to post to Wikipedia is an article about Soundbooth CS4 Beta. Soundbooth is a powerful sound editing program. Rather than being a sound recording program, such as Protools HD, this is […]

Healing arts

Healing arts: ” Mombas: Add text and spell. [[Image:Ram Das.jpg|thumb|160px|right|[[Nambassa]] 1981 Workshop ‘[[Holistic]]’ (Ram Dass)]] ”’Healing arts”’ is the art of healing and a terminology used to describe a wide range of physical and [[spiritual]] [[healing]] techniques used to improve ones [organic]] health and personal spiritual development. Healing arts often describe modern [[new age]] healers […]

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