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Healing arts

Healing arts: ”

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[[Image:Ram Das.jpg|thumb|160px|right|[[Nambassa]] 1981 Workshop ‘[[Holistic]]’ (Ram Dass)]]
”’Healing arts”’ is the art of healing and a terminology used to describe a wide range of physical and [[spiritual]] [[healing]] techniques used to improve ones [organic]] health and personal spiritual development. Healing arts often describe modern [[new age]] healers or proponents of [[holistic health]]. <ref>[]New Age healing arts</ref>

==Historical background in New Zealand==

The name of healing arts was developed and adopted by a collective of [[Auckland]] healers who conducted a myriad of [[workshop]] demonstrations on; [[Holistic health]], [[massage]], [[herbalism]], [[astrology]], [[alternative medicine]], [[yoga]], [[spiritual healing]], [[naturopathy]], [[acupuncture]], [[tai chi]], [[reflexology]], [[iridology]], [[osteopathy]], [[sufi]] dancing, [[I Ching]], [[tarot]], [[alchemy]] and [[nutrition]], for the [[Nambassa]] festivals which were held in [[Waihi]] and [[Waikino]] in [[New Zealand]] between 1976 and 1981. <ref name=autogenerated1>Nambassa: A New Direction, edited by Colin Broadley and Judith Jones, A. H. & A. W. Reed, 1979.ISBN 0589012169.</ref>

==Healing arts in religious dogma==

Most religions of the world would describe their healing techniques and dogmas as Healing arts because they contribute to the wellbeing of the subdcriber.


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