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Lioré et Olivier LeO H-47

Lioré et Olivier LeO H-47: “


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{|{{Infobox Aircraft Begin
| name=LeO H-47
| image=
| caption=
}}{{Infobox Aircraft Type
| type=Airliner
| national origin=France
| manufacturer=[[Lioré et Olivier]]
| designer=
| first flight=25 July 1936
| introduced=
| retired=
| status=
| primary user=
| number built=6
| developed from=
| variants with their own articles=

The ”’Lioré et Olivier LeO H-47”’ was a flying boat airliner built in France in 1936.<ref name=’Jane’s ‘>Taylor 1989, 580</ref> Designed in response to a French air ministry specification for passenger transports to service transatlantic routes to South America, it was a conventional, high-wing design with the cabin and flight deck fully enclosed within a streamlined hull. The four engines were mounted in two tractor-pusher pairs on the upper wing.

The prototype H-47 was destroyed in a crash in March 1937 that was attributed to a wingtip float breaking away whilst the aircraft was in flight.<ref name=’Flight 1937′>”Flight” 14 October 1937, 374</ref> Nevertheless, [[Air France]] went ahead with the purchase of five similar (though strengthened) machines, which were put into service as mailplanes.<ref name=’Jane’s’ /> These machines were impressed into the French Navy at the outbreak of the Second World War.<ref name=’Jane’s’ />

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* ”’France”’
** [[Air France]]

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|crew=Two pilots
|capacity=12 passengers
|length m=21.20
|length ft=69
|length in=7
|span m=31.80
|span ft=104
|span in=4
|swept m=<!– swing-wings –>
|swept ft=<!– swing-wings –>
|swept in=<!– swing-wings –>
|rot number=<!– helicopters –>
|rot dia m=<!– helicopters –>
|rot dia ft=<!– helicopters –>
|rot dia in=<!– helicopters –>
|dia m=<!– airships etc –>
|dia ft=<!– airships etc –>
|dia in=<!– airships etc –>
|width m=<!– if applicable –>
|width ft=<!– if applicable –>
|width in=<!– if applicable –>
|height m=7.10
|height ft=23
|height in=4
|wing area sqm=135.0
|wing area sqft=1,452
|swept area sqm=<!– swing-wings –>
|swept area sqft=<!– swing-wings –>
|rot area sqm=<!– helicopters –>
|rot area sqft=<!– helicopters –>
|volume m3=<!– lighter-than-air –>
|volume ft3=<!– lighter-than-air –>
|aspect ratio=<!– sailplanes –>
|wing profile=<!– sailplanes –>
|empty weight kg=10,465
|empty weight lb=23,023
|gross weight kg=19,713
|gross weight lb=43,389
|lift kg=<!– lighter-than-air –>
|lift lb=<!– lighter-than-air –>

|eng1 number=4
|eng1 type=[[Hispano-Suiza 12Y]]drs
|eng1 kw=<!– prop engines –>650
|eng1 hp=<!– prop engines –>860
|eng1 kn=<!– jet/rocket engines –>
|eng1 lbf=<!– jet/rocket engines –>
|eng1 kn-ab=<!– afterburners –>
|eng1 lbf-ab=<!– afterburners –>
|eng2 number=
|eng2 type=
|eng2 kw=<!– prop engines –>
|eng2 hp=<!– prop engines –>
|eng2 kn=<!– jet/rocket engines –>
|eng2 lbf=<!– jet/rocket engines –>
|eng2 kn-ab=<!– afterburners –>
|eng2 lbf-ab=<!– afterburners –>

|max speed kmh=360
|max speed mph=225
|max speed mach=<!– supersonic aircraft –>
|cruise speed kmh=<!– if max speed unknown –>
|cruise speed mph=<!– if max speed unknown –>
|stall speed kmh=<!– aerobatic and STOL aircraft –>
|stall speed mph=<!– aerobatic and STOL aircraft –>
|range km=3,200
|range miles=2,000
|endurance h=<!– if range unknown –>
|endurance min=<!– if range unknown –>
|ceiling m=7,000
|ceiling ft=23,000
|g limits=<!– aerobatic aircraft –>
|roll rate=<!– aerobatic aircraft –>
|glide ratio=<!– sailplanes –>
|climb rate ms=
|climb rate ftmin=
|sink rate ms=<!– sailplanes –>
|sink rate ftmin=<!– sailplanes –>

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|related=<!– related developments –>
|similar aircraft=<!– similar or comparable aircraft –>
|lists=<!– related lists –>


* {{cite book |last= Taylor |first= Michael J. H. |title=Jane’s Encyclopedia of Aviation |year=1989 |publisher=Studio Editions |location=London |pages= }}
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