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Alteil: “

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”’Alteil”’ is an online, story driven card game, released in Japan in 2004, and released more recently in America and in several other countries across the world. According to the card game’s English website, it is currently the most popular online card game in its home country. The images on the online cards were designed by a team of fantasy artists, and the playing style is different than many other traditional card games.

A game of Altiel usually lasts between fifteen and twenty minutes. Since the internet allows players to use virtual gameplay techniques, players are able to do things which they couldn’t do using physical cards. Rather than use a standard hand of cards, players are able to access their entire deck at all times, and even, at times, use duplicates of their own cards as a playing device through the ‘resurrection’ system. In addition, an internet database keeps track of game play mechanics, allowing players to ‘level up’ their cards. According to the website, the game is designed to be enjoyable, and to discourage individuals who participate in RPG [[gold farming]].

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