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Eqe Bay

Eqe Bay: “

Rosiestep: [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ‘{{Coord|69|40|N|76|25|W|type:landmark|display=title}} ”’Eqe Bay”'<ref>{{cite web |url= |title…’

”’Eqe Bay”'<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Eqe Bay, Canada |accessdate=2008-10-01 |}}</ref> is an irregularly shaped [[waterway]] on the western coast of northcentral [[Baffin Island]], northeastern [[Rae craton|Rae Province]]<ref>{{cite journal |title=Geology, geochronology, and geochemistry of Archean rocks in the Eqe Bay area, north-central Baffin Island, Canada: constraints on the depositional and tectonic history of the Mary River Group of northeastern Rae Province |journal=Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences |last=Bethune |first=K. |coauthors=Scammel, R. |date=August, 2003 |publisher= |location= |oclc=89117854 |isbn= |url=}}</ref> in [[Nunavut]], [[Canada]]. An arm of the [[Foxe Basin]], it contains no islands within it, but [[Bray Island]] lies outside the bay to the south.



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