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Vasili Razumovsky

Vasili Razumovsky: “

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”’Vasili Ivanovich Razumovsky”’ ({{lang-ru|”Василий Иванович Разумовский”}}) ([[1857]]-[[1935]]) Russian surgeon, professor of surgery at [[Kazan University]] since [[1887]]. Rasumovsky was among the founders of universities at [[Saratov State University|Saratov]] ([[1909]]), [[Tbilisi State University|Tbilisi]] ([[1918]]), and [[Baku]] ([[1919]]), and was the first rector of [[Baku State University]] ([[1919]]-[[1920]]). After 1920 he returned to Kazan University, and taught there until [[1930]].

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* [, Разумовский, Василий Иванович (Брокгауз, БСЭ)]

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