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Henry Mackenzie (bishop)

Henry Mackenzie (bishop): “

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{{Anglican Portal}}The Rt Rev ”’Henry Mackenzie”’ (b [[16 May]] [[1808]] – d 15 October [[1878]]) was [[Anglican Bishop of Nottingham|Bishop Suffragan of Nottingham]] from 1870 until 1877<ref>”Consecration of the Bishop Suffragan Of Nottingham ” [[The Times]] Thursday, Feb 03, 1870; pg. 8; Issue 26664; col A</ref>. Educated at [[Pembroke College, Oxford]] <ref>[ Pembroke alumni]</ref> he had previously been [[Vicar]] of [[St Martin-in-the-Fields]] and [[Archdeacon of Nottingham]] <ref>[ Details of Post]</ref> before his elevation to the [[Episcopate]] <ref>[[The Times]], Monday, Jan 24, 1870; pg. 9; Issue 26655; col E ”New Suffragan Bishop announced”</ref>. He was consecrated on [[2 February]] [[1870]] <ref>[ Consecration details]</ref> and died the year following his resignation and buried at [[Collingham, Nottinghamshire|South Collingham]]<ref>[ Place of burial]</ref>.
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