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The Shirrows

The Shirrows: “

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== The Shirrows ==
””’The Shirrows””’ is a Norwegian rock group from Trondheim formed in 1962 by group members Tom Hovde, Stein Wangsmo, Geir Johansen and Kjell Myhre, though the latter was replaced by drummer Leif Raanes only a year after. Their first single ‘Jenny, Jenny’ was recorded on the 29th of october 1964. It went straight into no 1 in the local charts and stayed no. 1 for 8 weeks. The single is today among the most valuable collectors single in the world and is considered by american and Australian garage-rock-fantasts to be one of teh best classic garagerock singles from that time.
Later CD-releases on the Norwegian label Tylden.

Though the group no longer tour they they have successfully done two ‘reunion’ gigs over the last five years. In 2003 with Bruce Welch’s Shadows and in 2008 with The Zombies.

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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