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Queens Hotel Cape May, NJ

Queens Hotel Cape May, NJ: ”


== The Queens Hotel ==


The Queen’s Hotel is a beautiful Victorian 1876 bed and breakfast with 3 floors, and 11 rooms. During its time, this building was an apothecary for quite some time. But as time passed by, other businesses not so respectable resided there also,such as a Speakeasy, a gambling den and on the third floor, a brothel. Since then the building has gained a reputation for being haunted.

Image:Queens Hotel.jpg|Queens Hotel

== The Third Floor ==


The ghost of the Queen’s Hotel apparently was a ‘working girl’ in her former. Reports of the scent of perfume have been reported, cold spots in the rooms and occasionally a woman nudging past one of the guests, who are usually women. On the third floor, the entity of the young prostitute haunts the rooms. The strong aroma of perfume waifs throughout the rooms at times. Cold spots are felt by the guests and objects and furniture seem to move by themselves. It has also been said that the ghost bumps into the beds at night. Her entity gives small shoves at women as she passes them by in the hallways; women she feels jealous of. But even with these supernatural sightings, tourists still check-in the Queens Hotel moderately, making it very successful. To this day there are still sightings of the woman on the third floor.

Image:Third Floor.jpg|The third floor….

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