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As-Sultan Hassan Mosque

As-Sultan Hassan Mosque: “ Marwamorgan: As-Sultan Hassan Mosque (مسجد السلطان حسن): One of Cairo’s famous mosques, It was built in the 14th Century to be a mosque and a school. It shows amazing architectural details wich amaze the visitors especially that the mosque is still in shape after more that 700 years. The mosque is […]

RAF Barkway

RAF Barkway: “ Pandaplodder: {{Infobox Airport | name = RAF Barkway | nativename = | nativename-a = | nativename-r = | image = | image-width = | caption = | type = <br> Non Flying Military Communications | owner = [[Royal Air Force]] | operator = [[United States Air Force]] | city-served = | location […]

Large Lakes Observatory

Large Lakes Observatory: “ Lorty2: The Large Lakes Observatory, located in [[Duluth, Minnesota]], studies the major lakes of the world. They focus on a variety of sciences, including aquatic chemistry, geochemistry and paleoclimatology. {{stub}} “ (Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

Baarn railway station

Baarn railway station: “ Chris0693: [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ‘{{under construction}} ”’Baarn”’ is a [[railway station]] on the [[Gooilijn]]. It is located in [[Baarn]], the [[Netherlands]]. The station was opened on 10 June …’ {{under construction}} ”’Baarn”’ is a [[railway station]] on the [[Gooilijn]]. It is located in [[Baarn]], the [[Netherlands]]. The station was opened on […]

McIntosh Presbyterian Church

McIntosh Presbyterian Church: “ Clariosophic: typo {{Infobox Historic building |name = McIntosh Presbyterian Church |image = McIntosh Hist Dist Presby Church01d.jpg |caption = McIntosh Presbyterian Church |map_type = |latitude = |longitude = |location_town = [[McIntosh, Florida]] |location_country = [[United States]] |architect = unknown |client = First Presbyterian Church |engineer = Builder: unknown |construction_start_date = 1907 […]

Davis, Massachusetts

Davis, Massachusetts: “ Alexnia: Added {{articleissues}} with parameters copyedit, deadend, primarysources and unreferenced and {{[[Template:uncategorized|uncategorized]]}} tags to article. using [[WP:FRIENDLY|Friendly]] {{articleissues|copyedit=October 2008|deadend=October 2008|primarysources=October 2008|unreferenced=October 2008}} THE DAVIS PYRITE MINE, once Massachusetts’ largest iron pyrite-mine, is located about three miles or so north of Charlemont and two miles south-southeast of Rowe. Both Rowe (2000 pop – […]

Queens Hotel Cape May, NJ

Queens Hotel Cape May, NJ: ” Lrosado: == The Queens Hotel == —- The Queen’s Hotel is a beautiful Victorian 1876 bed and breakfast with 3 floors, and 11 rooms. During its time, this building was an apothecary for quite some time. But as time passed by, other businesses not so respectable resided there also,such […]

William Lewis House (Waxahachie, Texas)

William Lewis House (Waxahachie, Texas): “ Doncram: create NRHP stub so theres 2 bluelinks on corresponding disambig page {{Infobox_nrhp | name =William Lewis House | nrhp_type = | image = | caption = | location= 1201 E. Marvin, [[Waxahachie, Texas]] | lat_degrees = 32 | lat_minutes = 23 | lat_seconds = 19 | lat_direction = […]

William H. Lewis Model House

William H. Lewis Model House: “ Elkman: Link architect article {{Infobox_nrhp | name =Lewis, William H., Model House | nrhp_type = | image = | caption = | location= 2877 NW. Westover Rd., [[Portland, Oregon]] | lat_degrees = 45 | lat_minutes = 31 | lat_seconds = 57 | lat_direction = N | long_degrees = 122 […]

Derwent park

Derwent park: “ Burnopfielder1: The park situated in Rowlands gill , [[north east England]]. The park is often called <s>Rowlands gill park</s> but the correct name is Derwent park. It has a caravan site and has many play areas for children. Fishing on the Derwent river that runs through the park is priced at £2.50 […]

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