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Sam Winton

Sam Winton: “

== Overview ==
Sam Winton was born on 17th May, [[1994]], in [[Stoke General Hospital]]. He is mostly known as a public figure for his appearences on the [[Internet Radio]] station, [[Air Internet Radio]]. He is also a player of [[Hockey]], [[Tennis]], and plays for [[Stone Hockey Club]].

== Education ==
Sam Winton has been a [[student]] at a number of schools during his career. During his [[Kindergarten]] years, he attended [[Saint Dominic’s School]], [[Stone]]. As of current, he is attending [[Stafford Grammar School]], just outside [[Stafford]].

== Career ==
Sam Winton is also persuing a [[career]] in [[Art]]. He takes [[Art]] as a [[GCSE]] subject, as well as [[Design and Technology]]. He is a fully qualified [[Lifeguard]], and can often be seen working at [[Riverside Leasure Centre]], [[Stafford]].

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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