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Duck duck goose (play)

Duck duck goose (play): ”

Letsburn00: Wrote a basic plot summery, may have got the girls names mixed up

Duck Duck Goose is a play centering around three individuals, 2 best female best friends, and the young man one of them has sex with.


Two best friends, Heather and Lucy have reached the age of 23 without loosing their virginities, Heather decides to. She meets Mitchell, who has recently been kicked out of home by his mother and separated from his goose who he loves. They have sex, which is short and awkward. Later when they meet in a supermarket things are again awkward and the Mitchell attempts to meet again are rebuffed. At their share-house,Heather and Lucy discuss the effect that Heather’s actions have had on their friendship. Heather is angry at Lucy’s attempts to look down on her decision, she leaves, at which point Lucy admits that she is in love with heather. Heather simply replies ‘Gross’ and walks away. Later, Heather (who was earlier revealed to be Mitchell’s landlord) comforts Mitchell on the death of his goose.


The play was first performed at the Blue Room theater in September-October 2008 in Perth, Western Australia.

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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