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John S. Clark

John S. Clark: “

LGF1992UK: [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ‘{{Infobox Scientist |name = John S. Clark |box_width = |image = |image_size = |caption = |birth_date = [[Ma…’

{{Infobox Scientist
|name = John S. Clark
|box_width =
|image =
|image_size =
|caption =
|birth_date = [[March 21]] [[1885]]
|birth_place = [[Glasgow]]
|death_date = [[June 1]] [[1956]]
|death_place = [[Mooroolbark]]
|residence =
|citizenship = [[Australian]]
|nationality = [[Scottish]]
|ethnicity =
|field = [[Entomology]]
|work_institutions = [[Western Australia]] department of agriculture
|alma_mater =
|doctoral_advisor =
|doctoral_students =
|known_for = [[ant|ants]]
|author_abbrev_bot =|author_abbrev_zoo =
|influences =
|influenced =
|prizes =
|religion = |footnotes = |signature =
”’John S. Clark”’ was a [[Scottish]] [[entomology|entomologist]] well known for his study of ants in [[Western Australia]] from [[1920]] until [[1956]].

Born in [[1885]] in [[Glasgow]], Clark first arrived in [[Australia]] some time in the late 1910s. On [[1 October]] [[1920]], he started work with the [[Western Australia]] department of agriculture, where he picked up his passion for [[entomology]].

In [[1926]] he became a full-time entomologist at the National Museum in [[Melbourne]]. He spent the rest of his life exploring Australia, during which time he discovered several new species of ant. Ants and other ‘economic’ insects were his specialty, and he continued working and studying until his death on [[1 June]] [[1956]] aged 71.

* Anthony Musgrave (1932). ”Bibliography of Australian Entomology, 1775-1930, with biographical notes on authors and collectors,” Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales (Sydney) : viii + 380.


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