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John S. Clark

John S. Clark: “ LGF1992UK: [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ‘{{Infobox Scientist |name = John S. Clark |box_width = |image = |image_size = |caption = |birth_date = [[Ma…’ {{Infobox Scientist |name = John S. Clark |box_width = |image = |image_size = |caption = |birth_date = [[March 21]] [[1885]] |birth_place = [[Glasgow]] |death_date = [[June 1]] [[1956]] |death_place […]


Culdares: “ Culdares: Re-witten article ”’Menzies of Culdares”’ With the extinction of the main Menzies of Weem line in 1911, the Clan was therefore without a Chief until Col. Ronald Steuart Menzies of Culdares and Arndilly, the lineal heir of Colonel James Menzies of Culdares, a prominent Covenanting officer and cousin of the first Baronet, […]

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