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John Frank Ewan Bone

John Frank Ewan Bone: “

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{{Anglican Portal}}”’John Frank Ewan Bone”’ was the [[Bishop of Reading]] from 1989 until 1996<ref>’Debrett’s People of Today 1992’ (London, [[Debrett’s]]) ISBN 1870520092)</ref>. He was born on [[23 August]] [[1930]] <ref>’[[Who’s Who]] 1992 ‘(London, [[A & C Black]] ISBN 0713635142)</ref> and educated at [[Monkton Combe School]] and [[St Peter’s College, Oxford]] before embarking on an ecclesiastical career with a [[Curate|curacy]] at ”St Gabriel’s, Warwick Square”<ref>[ Church web site]</ref>. After [[Vicar|incumbencies ]] at [[Datchet]] and [[Slough]] he was appointed [[Rural Dean]] of [[Burnham]] and then (his final appointment before elevation to the [[Episcopacy]]) [[Archdeacon]] of [[Buckingham]] <ref> ‘[[Crockford’s clerical directory]], 1995’ (Lambeth,Church House ISBN 0715180886)</ref>.
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{{s-ttl|title=[[Bishop of Reading]]|years=1989 –1996}}
{{s-aft|after= [[Dominic Edward William Murray Walker]]}}
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