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Jacques Collebaut

Jacques Collebaut: “


”’Jacques Collebaut”’, also called ”’Jacquet de Mantoue”’ (or ”’Jiachetto di Mantoua”’ in [[italian]]) , was a [[Breton]] composer, one of the great representant of the [[Rinascimento]].

Jacques Collebaut was born in [[VitrĂ©]], Brittany, but we practically know nothing about his childhood. He has been confounted with the Flemish composer [[Jack of Berchem]] who was also in Italy at the same period. Jacques Collebaut was probably a relative of the eulogist [[Antoine Colebault]], also nammed Bidon, who served the [[Alfonso I d’Este|Duke of Ferrara]] from 1511 to 1517, and later the pope [[Leon X]] at Rome.

He composed several [[motets]] around 1520. In 1525 Jacques Collebaut was serving the [[House of Este|Court of Este]] in [[Ferrara]]. He settled in [[Mantua]] in [[1526]] and during 30 years he kept the highest place in the musical life. He got the citizenship in 1534 and from 1534 to 1559 he held the post of master of chapel at the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Cathedral. The cardinal [[Ercole Gonzaga]] (1505-1563), who was to be chairman of the [[Council of Trent]] had much estim and affection for the Breton composer.

We know Jacques Collebaut lost his wife in 1527 and got maried again. We also know he didn’t make his fortune as when he died on the 2nd of October 1559 he left many debts. His wife and his daughter got poor and the cardinal granted them with a pension.

Jacques Collebaut is one of the great masters of the sacred polyphony of the [[Rinascimento]] with [[Josquin]] and [[Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina|Palestrina]]. A contemporary of the [[Counter-Reformation]] period, he was a prolific, famous and admired composer. The 1520-1540 period was probably the most prolific one of his life, composing many [[Mass (music)|masses]] and motets, many of which have been published.

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