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Giovanni Buscaglione

Giovanni Buscaglione: “ Blofeld of SPECTRE: /* Biography */ ”’Giovanni Buscaglione”’, ([[March 1]] [[1874]] – [[1941]]) was an [[Italy|Italian]] – [[Colombia|Colombian]] [[architect]] and [[priest]] from [[Piedmont]], [[Italy]]. He designed series of important projects of religious and educative architecture in Italy, [[Constantinople]], [[Izmir]] and [[Alexandria]] but was especially noted for his work in [[Colombia]], a country […]

Contessina de’ Bardi

Contessina de’ Bardi: “ RockDiva101: Contessina de Bardi (in Italian, Contessina de’ Bardi ) was born about 1390 and died in Florence in October 1473. == Biography == The family of Contessina de Bardi had been a very rich time, but with the bankruptcy of their bank towards half of the 14th century, its importance […]

Città violenta

Città violenta: “ Skomorokh: +ref {{Infobox Film | name = Città violenta | image = | image_size = | caption = | director = [[Sergio Sollima]] | producer = [[Arrigo Colombo|Harry Colombo]]<br /> [[Giorgio Papi|George Papi]] | writer = Massimo De Rita (story)<br />Gianfranco Galligarich (screenplay) | narrator = | starring = [[Charles Bronson]]<br /> […]

Serie B 1998-99

Serie B 1998-99: “ CapPixel: {{Location map start|Italy|float=right|width=225}} {{Location map marker|Italy|lat=45.695|long=9.67|label=[[Atalanta B.C.|Atalanta]]<br/>[[A.C. Monza Brianza 1912|Monza]]|position=top}} {{Location map marker|Italy|lat=45.533333|long=10.233333|label=[[Brescia Calcio|Brescia]]|position=bottom}} {{Location map marker|Italy|lat=44.133333|long=12.233333|label=[[A.C. Cesena|Cesena]]}} {{Location map marker|Italy|lat=45.433333|long=10.983333|label=[[A.C. ChievoVerona|Chievo]]<br/>[[Hellas Verona F.C.|Verona]]|position=top}} {{Location map marker|Italy|lat=39.3|long=16.25|label=[[A.S. Cosenza Calcio|Cosenza]]|position=left}} {{Location map marker|Italy|lat=45.133333|long=10.033333|label=[[U.S. Cremonese|Cremonese]]|position=left}} {{Location map marker|Italy|lat=41.216667|long=16.3|label=[[A.S. Andria BAT|F. Andria]]}} {{Location map marker|Italy|lat=44.4|long=8.916667|label=[[Genoa C.F.C.|Genoa]]|position=left}} {{Location map marker|Italy|lat=40.35|long=18.166667|label=[[U.S. Lecce|Lecce]]|position=left}} {{Location map marker|Italy|lat=43.85|long=10.5|label=[[S.S.D. […]

Spartacus Trial

Spartacus Trial: “ Joyson Noel: The ”’Spartacus Trial”’ (Italian: Processo Spartacus) (named after the historical gladiator, [[Spartacus]], who led a rebellion of slaves beginning in [[Vesuvius]] against the ancient [Roman Empire]]) was opened at the [[Corte d’Assise]] of [[Santa Maria Capua Vettere]] in [[Caserta]]. It was named as such in recognition of the need to […]

Jacques Collebaut

Jacques Collebaut: “ Lisenn: ”’Jacques Collebaut”’, also called ”’Jacquet de Mantoue”’ (or ”’Jiachetto di Mantoua”’ in [[italian]]) , was a [[Breton]] composer, one of the great representant of the [[Rinascimento]]. Jacques Collebaut was born in [[Vitré]], Brittany, but we practically know nothing about his childhood. He has been confounted with the Flemish composer [[Jack of […]

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