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Seven Masters students representing the Graduate Program in Policy History at Bowling Green State University presented at the Dean Hopper New Scholars Conference at Drew University in Madison, NJ.

Michael Ginnetti presented “USeless and UNbelievable: How the U.S. and the U.N. Abandoned Rwanda to Genocide,” on a panel titled “Questions & New Perspectives Regarding International Law.” Victoria Harwood presented “Science vs. Theology: A Historiographical Review on the Work of Andrew D. White,” on a panel titled “Modern Uses and Responses to Religion.” Alex Sycher presented “Capital Punishment in Wood County, Ohio, 1820-1900,” on a panel titled “The Lens of Local Laws.”

Aaron Lewis presented “Reconstruction in America: From Origins to Revisionism,” on a panel titled “Revising the American Civil War.” Liz Adamo presented “Complicity and Resistance in French Women’s Colonial Nonfiction: The Case of Clotilde Chivas-Baron,” on a panel titled “Women on the Periphery.” Brian Yager presented “Northwest Ohio Political Sentiment during the 1863 Gubernatorial Election,” and Joe Lueck presented “‘Paying the Penalty for Lawlessness’: Major Stephen Cabot’s Account of the Boston Draft Riot,” on a panel titled “Recovering the Local Impact of the American Civil War.”

The students then departed for New York City for a couple days of sight-seeing and cultural exposure.

Masters Students at the Dean Hopper Conference in Drew University

Masters Students at the Dean Hopper Conference in Drew University