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Andreas Moghimi

[NOTE: Now a USER page] Andreas Moghimi: “ Omarcheeseboro: {{db-bio}} Im Andreas And I am a straight a student at JMS Torrance. In My Free time I enjoy Skating, riding my Ripstik, and Playing with my dogs Cleo and Slinky. I got my dog slinky on September 19, 2008. She is a baby basset hound […]

/User talk:Delicious carbuncle/Archive 4

/User talk:Delicious carbuncle/Archive 4: “ Excirial: /* Page move */ > .. Might have been smart to place that on the CURRENT talk page XD ==Chiacig??== Thanks for the note, though it looks like I missed the party. [[User:Ultraexactzz|UltraExactZZ]] <sup> [[User_talk:Ultraexactzz|Claims]] </sup>~<small> [[Special:Contributions/Ultraexactzz|Evidence]] </small> 11:06, 13 June 2008 (UTC) == So… == So you did […]

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