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Andreas Moghimi

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Andreas Moghimi: “



Im Andreas And I am a straight a student at JMS Torrance. In My Free time I enjoy Skating, riding my Ripstik, and Playing with my dogs Cleo and Slinky. I got my dog slinky on September 19, 2008. She is a baby basset hound and loves to play with my border collie, cleo.
My favorite video games are Starwars: the force unleashed and starwars battle front II. I am a starwars fanatic and starkiller is my favorite person in the starwars galaxy. He is in the force unleashed which I am reading right now and he is a very powerfull guy. I also like to build legostarwars sets and I already have the MTT, the imperial shuttle, the V-wing, the Slave 1, the Naboo N-1 Starfighter, and a Vulture Droid. Another starwars charecter is Jango Fett because I have his video game and he is really cool. My Favorite thing to do is skate when I’m outside. My favorite skater is steve cabello because he does a lot of cool tricks. Right now, I can Kick flip and ollie an extended two stair. One of my favorite bands is Linkin Park, because they have a really nice beat. I use to play trumpet and I was really good, but in sixth grade, I didnt go to band anymore. What is cool about being able to play music is that you can write your own songs, play them, and listen to your recordings. Another thing I really like to do is play my PS2. I really like starwars games because you can push, lift, or whatever you want to do to people with the force. An other good game is call of duty three because you can experience what the people of world war two experienced, plus, it helps you out with your hostory homework. Another thing I like is Indiana Jones. I think he is really cool ever since I read his book and watched Raiders or the Lost Ark. This Summer, I went to go dee Cingdom or the Crystal Skull and it was really good. I kept the tickets and I put all of my Indiana Jones stuff in a Box So I cn pull it out when it is worth more than me and sell it.

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