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Century Plaza Phoenix

Century Plaza Phoenix: “ Largoplazo: Requesting speedy deletion ([[WP:CSD#G11|CSD G11]]). ([[WP:TW|TW]]) {{db-spam}} ”’Century Plaza luxury condominiums”’ are new skyrises in midtown Phoenix, that being introduced by Equus Development Corporation. Where: one Lexington Avenue, Phoenix AZ. Phone: 602.277.8500 Web: [] The 15-story high-rise residential condo development, located at 1 Lexington Avenue across the street from Park […]

Sibsey Trader Mill

Sibsey Trader Mill: “ 03125: Located in the village of [[Sibsey]] it one of two [[windmill]]s which were grinding flour for the local comunity. Rhodes Windmill (the second of the two) has been converted into a house. Built in 1877 by Saunders of Louth, since then it has been restored and is now owned by […]

Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal

Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal: “ DinosaursLoveExistence: Category ”’Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal”’ (TGT) is a large gas terminal on the [[Lincolnshire coast]] on ”Mablethorpe Road” at [[Theddlethorpe|Theddlethorpe St Helen]] close to [[Mablethorpe]] in [[East Lindsey]]. It is just off the A1031 and next door to a holiday camp and [ Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary] (Animal Gardens). ==History== It was […]

St. Thomas’s Hall

St. Thomas’s Hall: “ Judepais: {{Infobox_University |name = St. Thomas’s Hall |image = |motto = ‘For God and Country’ |established = 1937 |type = Residential Hall |college = Madras Christian College(Autonomous) |city = [[Chennai]] |state = [[Tamil Nadu]] |country = [[India]] |colors = [[Maroon]] }} St.Thomas’s Hall is one of four Residential Halls at [[Madras […]

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