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== Science Dictionary ==

A science dictionary or science ‘e-textbook’ is a database of archived or live scientific papers.
Most services that offer a science dictionary combine its databases with other encyclopedia sources,
and thus form a large database with hundreds of thousands of entry’s.

== Appearance ==

A science dictionary is a book of alphabetically listed entry’s on a specific or multiple topics, with definitions, images, articles, and other information. Sometimes confused with an encyclopedia which is a comprehensive written compendium that contains information on either all branches of knowledge or a particular branch of knowledge. Encyclopedias are divided into articles with one article on each subject covered. The articles on subjects in an encyclopedia are usually accessed alphabetically by article name and can be contained in one volume or many volumes, depending on the amount of material included.


== History ==

Science Dictionaries have existed from the 500 B.C.’s when the Chinese started organizing all of their scientifically
important knowledge, and combining them into scrolls. The amount and type of information ranged from theories, species,
experiments, essays, research, and various other forms of knowledge. However it wasn’t until the 100 B.C.’s when they
started organizing each and every scroll to form a dictionary of scientific knowledge. The dictionaries were ordered from most ‘important’ to least ‘important’ by Chinese standards, and reached up to 8,000 entries long. Some versions have been found where the dragon (one of the most ancient and powerful creatures of Chinese legend) was the first entry in the science dictionary. However, that since the notion of searching up entries one by one based on importance, was too much of a confusion (also because, the Chinese scientists couldn’t agree upon a good definition for each article) they abandoned the task, and it had never gained momentum to be a worldwide success.

== References ==

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