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Reese johnson

Reese johnson: “

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Reese Johnson is a senior at suwannee high school. He is an estimated 4’3” tall weighing 98 lbs. For the record reese is in no way connected to the Jewish religion, despite physical attributes and slurs from Mrs. Woodrum. Reese is a member of the Suwannee High Swim team and enjoys stroking with his fellow partners. Reese is currently involved with long time high school sweet heart Brooke Reed, they plan on getting married after graduation. Reese is an avid supporter of gay rights. He is constantly spotted at protests concerning gay marriage and the attempt to outlaw gay bashing in all 50 states. Reese’s hero since he was a small boy (as in smaller than he is now) has always been Barbara Streissand. There is not a time of the day when you won’t hear him singing her songs or quoting her movies. He has 6 posters in his room, 5 of them being Pictures of Babara. The 6th is a blown up duplicate of the N’SYNC ‘No Strings Attached,’ album cover. Reese dreams of one day being a fruit of the lume underwear model. He would like to join the ‘Apple,’ ‘Grapes,’ and ‘Pears,’ by becoming the ‘Giant Banana.’ Perhaps he wants to compensate for his short comings.

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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