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Basil venitis

Basil venitis: “



{{Infobox Politician (general)
|name = Basil Venitis
|image = Venitis9.jpg
|birth_date = {{birth date|mf=yes|1945|5|9}}
|birth_place = [[Andros Island]], [[Greece]]
|residence = [[Athens]], Greece
|death_date =
|death_place =
|office =
|party =
|religion =
|spouse =
|profession= [[Politician]]
”’Basil Venitis”’ (born [[May 9]], [[1945]] on [[Andros Island]]<ref></ref>), otherwise known as ”’Venitis”’, is a [[libertarian]] politician of [[Athens B]]<ref></ref>. He received his [[PhD]] from [[Ohio University]] in [[1973]]<ref></ref>. He is best known for being the ‘father’ of [[Chaos Trading]], the act of appling the [[Chaos Theory]] to the financial market<ref></ref>. He has also has a number of libertarian-themed poems about him <ref></ref>.


(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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