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Wentzel Syndrome


Wentzel Syndrome: ”

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[[Wentzel Syndrome]] is the condition by where [[panic attacks]] or other symptoms of extreme fear are brought on by exposure to environments which the sufferer considers to be of excessive or extreme orderliness or tidiness.<ref>Dr. Kelly, ‘Psycological Anarchism and the Dangers of Over-ordered Social Conditioning’, 1995</ref>

The syndrome was first diagnosed by [[Dr. Nicolas Kelly]] and [[Dr. Francis Howes]] of [[Wolverhampton University]] in [[1993]]<ref>Howes and Kelly, ‘Fear and Rationality’ 1994.</ref> Pippa Wentzel, whose parents became concerned after she increasingly suffered panic attacks in rooms in which she was not allowed to rearrange objects, being calm only in environments in at least a basic level or disorder.

Thought to be the physical form of [[Teleophobia]]<ref></ref>, [[Wentzel Syndrome]] is most likely caused by [[genetic]] predisposition to reject order combined with fear of developing, or fear of people who have or exhibit symptons of [[Ataxophobia]].<ref>'[[Harry Gough]]Rejection by Fear’, 2001</ref>

There are currently around 150 confirmed cases worldwide.<ref>’Phobia Survey 2007′ [[World Health Organisation]]</ref>


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