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The Sonic Stadium

The Sonic Stadium: “

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”’The Sonic Stadium”’

”’Brief Overview”’

The Sonic Stadium was founded in the year 2000 by Svend ””Dreadknux”” Joscelyne as a small fansite for the popular SEGA character Sonic The Hedgehog.

Since then over the last 8 years it has grown into the (currently) biggest Sonic fansite around, having gone through multiple variations of layouts and staff changes. It currently boasts a forum with large activity called ‘SSMB’. It’s origonal meaning lost, though most likely standing for Sonic Stadium Message Board, some have come to think it may possibly mean SEGA Sonic Message board or Super Sonic Message Board.

It also has a sub-website known as SSN or Sonic Showcase Network. Devoted to things such as artwork, music, fangames, fanfictions and Role plays.

”’The Sonic Stadium”’

As previous stated, The Sonic Stadium also known as =TSS= began in 2000 when Svend ‘Dreadknux’ Joscelyne wished to create something to show his love for Sonic The Hedgehog.

It began with a simple main page, along with details about the games. Such as scans of the Game Manual/box.

Slowly but surely the site grew over the years untill the point where it contained information about Games, Cartoons, Comics (archie-America, Fleetway-Europe), it even grew to contain a very regularly updated News feed dubbed ‘Sonic News’ which contained news about SEGA in general aswell as Sonic Merchandise and upcoming games.

As the site grew in popularity, it grew larger and branched off more into different things. This required a server upgrade and a reach into Dreadknux’s pocket, that is until, Andrew ‘Hawkz’ Hawkes offered to pay for the server costing him 135ASD a month. This was generally unknown to the public therefore Hawkz did not get the credit he deserved from fans.


The Sonic Stadium branched off into two main large sites.

The first one was ”’Sonic Spriters Network”’ (SSN), as of 2007/8 it became known as the Sonic Showcase Network. As can be derived from the name, SSN was made for the fanbase of sonic who loved working with Sprites. That is to say fangames, sprite comics, or pixel artwork.

The owner of SSN Rory ””Roareye Black”” Joscelyne, Svend’s brother, decided one day that SSN could do a lot more, and with a website overhaul and a name change, it began to incorporate all new kinds of things sonic. It gave artists a place to put their artwork and a place for musicians to put their Sonic Game tablature and recordings.

As of ’08 It is one of the most active areas of The Sonic Stadium.

The second branch of TSS was the Sonic Site Awards or SSA. This is the part of TSS where they linked to other Sonic fansites and had fans vote on them for different area’s of expertise such as information, layout, best forum etc. And an award was issued for each area of expertise. During the time of SSA every year The Sonic Stadium receives more hits due to each site linking to them for voting.


The SSMB is The Sonic Stadium’s forum led by Allan ””Roarey Raccoon”” Fildes. It is one of the most popular forums in the fanbase and has suffered many ‘Attacks’ in the past all of which have been dealt with rather well by the staff.

The forum itself has been through a couple of major changes, most notably back in 2004 when it was started over completely. And then more recently in 2008 when it was changed to a smaller ‘easier’ design cutting out some of the sections deemed ‘redundant’ and ‘unnecessary’


SSR, or SEGASonicRadio is a popular online radio show led by ””Roarey Raccoon”” and features many ‘LiveCASTS’ from different DJ’s throughout the week. it has a 24/7 stream when there is no DJ live that plays Sonic/SEGA music from a large playlist selection.


The Sonic stadium also has an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel on the server the channel is #sonicstadium it is led by ””Joshu”” and ””Gilder/Gildy”” and is quite popular during the time of LiveCASTS or other events held by The Sonic Stadium

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