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Greatest Hits (Bryan White album)

Greatest Hits (Bryan White album): “

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{{Infobox Album <!– See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Albums –>
| Name = Greatest Hits
| Type = greatest
| Artist = Bryan White
| Cover = whitehits.jpg
| Released = {{start date|2000|10|31}}
| Recorded =
| Genre = [[Country music|Country]]
| Length =
| Label = [[Asylum Records|Asylum]]
| Producer = Various
| Reviews = *[[Allmusic]] – {{rating|4|5}} [ link]
| Last album = ”[[How Lucky I Am]]”<br />(1999)
| This album = ””’Greatest Hits””'<br />(2000)
| Next album =
””’Greatest Hits””’ is the first [[greatest hits]] package released by American [[country music]] artist [[Bryan White]]. It was released in 2000 (see [[2000 in country music]]) on [[Asylum Records]]. The album includes ten of his greatest hits from his first three studio albums: his 1994 self-titled debut, 1996’s ”Between Now and Forever” and 1997’s ”The Right Place”, as well as ‘From This Moment On’, his 1998 duet with [[Shania Twain]]. Two new tracks, ‘How Long’ and ‘The Way You Look at Me’, are also included. The former was released as a single, peaking at #56 on the country charts in 2000.

==Track listing==
#’Love Is the Right Place’ ([[Marcus Hummon]], [[Tommy Sims]]) – 3:15
#'[[Rebecca Lynn]]’ ([[Skip Ewing]], Don Sampson) – 3:57
#'[[Sittin’ on Go]]’ ([[Josh Leo (musician)|Josh Leo]], Rick Bowles) – 3:08
#’I’m Not Supposed to Love You Anymore’ (Ewing, Donny Kees) – 3:43
#’How Long’ (Andrew Williams, David Williams) – 3:49
#'[[From This Moment On (Shania Twain song)|From This Moment On]]’ (Shania Twain, [[Robert John ‘Mutt’ Lange]]) – 4:43
#’That’s Another Song’ (John Paul Daniel, Monty Powell, Doug Pincock, Jule Medders) – 3:11
#'[[So Much for Pretending]]’ (Bryan White, Derek George, John Tirro) – 2:32
#’The Way You Look at Me’ ([[Scotty Emerick]], Tirro) – 3:04
#’One Small Miracle’ ([[Bill Anderson (singer)|Bill Anderson]], [[Steve Wariner]]) – 3:52
#’Look at Me Now’ (White, George, Tirro) – 3:07
#'[[Someone Else’s Star]]’ (Ewing, Jim Weatherly) – 3:21

*Allmusic (see infobox)

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