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Count von count band

Count von count band: “

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Count von Count [] are a Stoner-Doom band from Wilmington, Delaware consisting of Justin Vavala, Tom Ewing, and Justin Angeline.

They have released 3 official EPs: ”Self-titled”, ”Dark Side of the Dune”, and ”Hey Asshole”. <ref></ref>
They also have recorded songs for an Upcoming split release with Delaware’s own Melon, Ape!, and Onita.

Other releases include: Split 7inch with Tit Patrol on Madison Underground Records {<ref></ref>, Several short run EPs, and a repressing of their first two EPs on one Disc (”Biggest Hits)” <ref></ref>

Their personal motto is: Play Loud and Intoxicated.

Many believe that noone in the band will live to be 30 years old.

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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