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Illinois Route 174

Illinois Route 174: “

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{{Infobox road
|length_ref=<ref>[ Illinois Highway Ends – Illinois 174]</ref>
|terminus_a={{jct|state=IL|IL|40}} near [[Alta, Illinois|Alta]]
|junction={{jct|state=IL|IL|6}} near Alta
|terminus_b={{jct|state=IL|IL|91}} near Alta
|counties=[[Peoria County, Illinois|Peoria]]

”’Illinois Route 174”’ was a state highway in [[Illinois]] from 1924 to 1983. The route connected [[Illinois Route 40]] (then Illinois Route 88) and [[Illinois Route 91]] through the community of [[Alta, Illinois|Alta]]. Its only junction with a numbered highway between these two routes was with [[Illinois Route 6]]; the road is still an exit from that route. Route 174 was established in 1924 as part of the later series of State Bond Issue (SBI) Routes. It was decommissioned in 1983 and has been unnumbered since.<ref>[ Illinois Highways Page – Routes 161 through 180]</ref>



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