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Xerula megalospora

Xerula megalospora: “

Jape1990: /* Notes */

Xerula megalospora grow on the grass near wood stumps. They can grow up to 6 cm high and there caps can grow 2-10 cm across. The caps can be a convex or umbonate shape eventually becoming flat and centrally depressed, the cap is also sticky to touch. It is colored smokey white to a pale buff. Gills are attached white, smooth, and silky to fine straite, with root-like extentions up to 8 cm long. The spore print is white. It is widespread and fairly common in urban areas.

| name = Xerula megalospora
| whichGills = Adnexed
| capShape =convex
| capShape2 =umbonate
| hymeniumType=gills
| stipeCharacter = bare
| ecologicalType = saprotrophic
| sporePrintColor=white
| howEdible=unknown
<references />
<ref>details of the citation</ref>
George Barron. Mushrooms of Ontario and Eastern Canada(1999). Lone Pine Publishing, Edmonton. ISBN 1-55105-199-0

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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